Is Your Pet Suffering from Stress or Physical Discomfort? Try this New Option to Improve Your Pet’s Life.


Stress Can be the Hidden Cause of Pet Behaviors.

Nothing relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, and stimulates blood flow better than a massage.  Spas have learned that not only does a massage have health benefits, but also there are psychological benefits as well.  A good message during a time of stress, or especially when the body suffers discomfort from health issues, can change a person’s whole outlook on life and leave them more at peace.  The massage can improve both mental and physical comfort and change the way we interact with those around us.

Daily pet massage.

Pet Massage has both physical and psychological benefits

Massage can Provide Physical and Psychological Benefits for Pets as well.

The same can be true for our furry friends.  Many times our pets get wound up from fear, physical discomfort, or stress.  Severe panting, constant barking, inattentiveness, incontinence, or even aggressive behaviors are signs of stress.  There are even more subtle signs that your dog is stressed as well.  Enlarged whites of the eyes, hyper-vigilance to the environment, and avoidance of eye contact ( are signs that generally only a person who spends a good deal of time with the pet may recognize, but they may be early signs of a stress.

In many cases our attempts to calm them can stress them even further, especially if the caregiver fails to recognize behaviors as stress. Sometimes it is difficult, even for the primary caregiver, to recognize when a dog is stressed.  The result may be an attempt to address the resulting behaviors instead of the pain or stress which creates an even greater stress factor.

For pets there are several protocols to deal with stress.  Play, training, medicine, even essential oil therapy can help to alleviate stress, but like us, a good, regular massage can remove stress, lower blood pressure and reduce physical discomfort in affected pets (  An additional benefit is the relationship that occurs just as when a caregiver spends time touching and petting a fur-baby.

A New Option to Help Stress in Pets.

A unique service being offered by professional pet care providers is the essential oils massage.  According to Mrs. Nanny Paws Pet Sitting Services, LLC owner, Marilyn Sinex, “We began offering an essential oil pet massage to our pets with debilitating progressive conditions like arthritis, or even cancer which cause unrelenting pain.”  Ms. Sinex is quick to point out that the massage is not an attempt to treat the condition.  “The massage only comforts the pain suffered in the affected joints or body parts, while the stress and related psychological feelings are addressed by the use of calming oils.”

The massage services offered by Mrs. Nanny Paws Pet Sitting Services are usually requested only a weekly basis by pet owners.  Ms. Sinex suggests, however, that learning the technique for the massage and correct essential oils to use for the stress and pain is not a difficult or time consuming process.  When the pet parents are armed with these tools, daily massage becomes a financially viable option to deal with pet’s stress and the behaviors it creates.   This can be a life altering improvement in the pet’s physical and mental health, reducing resultant behaviors and improving relationships with their caregivers.

Ms Sinex said, “A massage is very therapeutic for both a pet and their caregiver.  The benefits in both,” she concluded, “can produce an entirely new relationship where behaviors show positive affection instead of pain and stress.”

For more information and the supplies to share this valuable pet care tool with your pet, please contact Ms. Sinex at [email protected].


I am a Pet Health and Wellness Educator and a Young Living Independent Distributor for 3 years. I am the owner of Mrs. Nanny Paws Pet Sitting Services and have over 900 pet parents as clients. Mrs. Nanny Paws ( has been operating for 10 years.