The membership of our YL Essential Oils Natural Resources for Your Pet group on Facebook is growing every day, and so are the great ideas and success stories from using Young Living Essential Oils on our fur babies.  While not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease, essential oils seem to give hope and comfort to both the pets, and the loving pet parents who use them.

Jennifer Berry Bachelor

I am amazed. I have a 13 year old rescue pit-bull. She has had a progressive mental decline, but w/ 2 recent big life changes, she had a huge decline over the past month. I’ve been oiling her up & made dietary changes over the past few weeks w/ good, but slow, results. I started using MindWise on her 3 days ago & WOW! She came up to me to be petted on day 1 which is rare. The last 2 days she has come up to me to be petted & tolerated being petted for longer than she ever has!!

“For those of you who have pups with car sickness……I just picked up my grand-dogs to keep for the week. they get car sick especially the young one. A little peace and calming and they slept all the way to Allentown…(from Wilks Barre) Yea….no throwing up..or .other things (if you know what i mean). The oils are amazing for you and your fur-babies too!”